Early Childhood Education

Introduction: Maria Montessori's Children's House

Maria Montessori's vision was to make the environment more appropriate to meet the needs of the child, not the adult. The child has within them a developmental pattern and all we as adults need to do is allow the characteristics to come out, so the inborn pattern can be realized.

"The human mind works by itself moved by a power within..."--Maria Montessori

Practical Life

Practical life builds self-confidence and gross motor skills by practicing daily tasks. Practical life lessons are self-correcting in terms of the sequence of the exercise. Children become fully mature and secure as individuals through these tasks. Children build ownership and confidence in their environment as they learn to take care of the Montessori school program classroom.


The child is urged by nature from within to explore his environment with his senses. Sensorial materials are designed for the purpose of assisting the child in classification, refinement, and reclassification. The basic features of the sensorial materials are isolated by size, volume, width, length, texture, temperature, color, shape, sound, and form to allow the child to differentiate on a single characteristic.


The language work is the most important aspect in the preschool Montessori classroom. Language is an expression of the child's inner being. Through language, he expresses who he is and what his desires are and knowledge he has to acquire in his environment. Language lessons start with the simple sound identification, to reading and writing sentences, and even story writing and grammar.


Mathematical mind is related to human tendencies, such as exploration, order, and orientation. Mathematics is the ability to take concrete idea, to imagine it as an abstraction, to make a mental picture of the abstraction, and apply the abstraction to new circumstances. The mathematical mind is related to reason and calculation. All children have the potential to enjoy and excel in the study of mathematics.

Science and Culture

We provide the opportunities that the child uses sensorial senses to experience and absorb with concrete materials and experiments. The children will study the life cycle of animals, geography, density experiments, among others. The children will study cultures from around the world and share in the customs of different cultures through the year.

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